DeFi Tower


We are building a game platform for unlimited cross-project blockchain experience.
DeFi Tower will be a web based 2D browser game built on Harmony One blockchain. It enriches already existing concepts on the blockchain such as NFTs and LP tokens with gamified utilities.
Players will climb the tower of Harmony, with each level enabling them to earn more rewards. There are crafting mechanics with items that have in-game usage and aftermarket. Finally, you can integrate with other GameFi projects on Harmony to bring utility to existing NFTs through DeFi Tower quests and crafting recipes.

How it all started

DeFi Tower project has been in the works since 2021. Originally it was not planned as a game. A tweet dates back to November of 2021 where Codeguy published his first peek into NFT project launching on Harmony.
The initial motivation behind the project was to create a positive marketing for Harmony One through NFT-s by putting on display Harmony ONE team members with unique and funny portfolio pictures.
Back then Harmony was not trading at price levels of $0.30 and above, you could see threads on message boards popping up criticizing its CEO for not taking action on the marketing part. We were hoping to take action into our own hands as part of Harmony community and bring positive light to Harmony team.
Why we are building DeFi Tower
DeFi Tower is inspired from multiple sources - from existing great projects on Harmony ONE, games outside of crypto landscape and even comics/webtoons serve as source of inspiration: such as "Tower of God" and "Solo Leveling".
We want to contribute to Harmony ONE ecosystem. DeFi Tower is RPG which takes place in the futuristic landscape, where players can earn rewards by crafting new items and doing quests, enjoy beautiful art and meanwhile receive utility for NFT's from other Harmony ONE projects they have participated in.
Where we are going
DeFi Tower will be a unique experience because of the scalability of the game - we can always release another expansion with a new floor where players can gain more rewards and build new items. We will seek out other projects on Harmony and form partnerships to incorporate their assets inside our game. The Tokenomics will be unique since there are no initially minted team salary funds and players do not gain any passive farming rewards. Team rewards from the LP farming will be locked and vested over time.
There is always room for more pretty stars in the sky. Hopefully you can already see us.

The Team

Listen to our Team AMA
@SomeCodeGuy - Founder - Lead Developer
Over 10 years of experience as a software developer and a strong experience in financial sector as a software development team lead. He has years of experience in leading teams of software developers to delivering goals that may sometimes seem even impossible. This guy always has a plan and knows how to get results because he is not afraid to get his hands dirty with technicalities.
He has been working with smart contracts development and been helping out Harmony One community developers with various tools to get them started throughout the past year.
He has a dream of creating an important puzzle piece in Blockchain ecosystem and thinks Harmony is the best place for it.
@Fr0zen - Co Founder - Senior Developer
Over 10 years of experience as a software developer with strong experience with business-critical systems. He is a fullstack developer who is seasoned in popular frontend and backend frameworks.
He is the type of guy who sees something good in everything, even in crazy ideas that CodeGuy comes up with and is very commited to getting results.
@Phiz - Director of Communications
Our man of many words became a newspaper reporter at age 19 and fell in love with communicating. That has led him to, well… lots years working as a contract mercenary. From lobbying, political campaigns, crisis management and marketing, Phiz specializes in connecting with people. He’s excited to expand those skills into Defi Tower and helping the project make it mark on Harmony users.
If it is spoken or written, it comes form him. Feel free to write and talk back.
@dotclock - Level Architect / Artist
A young & ambitious entertainment industry professional, who has completed numerous contracts as a concept & 3D artist for games.
Seasoned in environment design, he is the type of guy who can take the most weirdest abstractions and turn them into an attractive and tangible reality.
He wants to make a name for himself and go down in history as being part of one of the most grand & ambitious projects in the harmony space.
@katrin - Tower Operator
Makes sure we keep our community up to date and shares our progress and successes on social media.
Has very quick mind when it comes to thinking how to serve information to people!
@ProbablyPriest - Community Manager
Priest has 10 years of experience in management and coaching and is a big fan of sports. He is very friendly and positive and probably the first person to welcome you to our community!
In DeFi Tower he helps out with syncing with community, building it and bringing feedback to the team!
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